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Almond Oil
Moringa Oil
Name : Almond Oil
Botanical Name : Prunus amygdalus var. dulcus
Parts Of Use : Seed Oil
Uses : Uses - Sweet Almond Oil Offered By Us is Used for Allaying Hoarseness, Costiveness, Acrid Juices Etc. Being One of the Leading Sweet Almond Oil Manufacturers, We Offer Only Pure Sweet Almond Oil Which is Low in Saturates and Very High in Mono Unsaturates. also the Oil Consists Concentration of Oleicfatty Acids. the Organic Sweet Almond Oil, We Serve, Enhance the Power of Your Brain and Strengthens Your Nervous System. in Addition to This, Our Natural Sweet Almond Oil Cures Various Stomach Related Problems, Especially Constipation & Gas Trouble. It is Exclusively Known for Giving Strength to the Body and Keeping It Away from Dryness. It Works as a Very Good Penetrating Moisturizer. It Has also Been Used as Massage Oil.

Sweet Almond Oil is An Extremely Popular Oil Sought After for Its Rich Concentration of Oleicfatty Acids. Almond Oil is Used in the Cosmetic Industry for Its Penetrating, Moisturizing. Almond Oil is also Used as Massage Oil and is Valued as a Carrier Oil When Used for Aromatherapy.